How to Make Money with photography

As you go about your busy life, there are easy ways to earn money by taking photos and selling your material.
I will show you how you can make money just from your photos.


1: Do a photo blog with ad revenue using GoogleAdSense and other services.

First of all, if this method is your main focus,
I think it’s a little tough to basically eat and live.
Therefore, it is basically recommended to work as a sub

In the first place,
the advertisement of AdSense differs in the position and size of
the arrangement,
but in the case of a photograph blog,
there are few letters and it is disadvantageous for SEO measures.

This means that the number of advertisements is limited,
and there is not much hope for the future.

As a quick countermeasure,
I post a lot anyway or put
a few pictures in one post.
If there are about 100 articles,
a normal blog will come to some extent,
but I think it is tough if you do not
have at least 1,000 articles in one photo.

In addition, by inserting the main text like this article,
SEO is likely to improve a little.

2: Make money by getting people to buy your photos on photo submission sites.

It is currently the most popular way
to earn money and easy way to earn money.
However, just like blogging,
you need to post a lot to earn money.

Also, it depends on which site
you use to post your photos.
The theme will be different depending
on the needs of the user and the country.
It is recommended to earn
money on multiple sites instead of just one.

Still, he needed about 1,000 cards to make any money.
It is considered a little tough to do it in the Lord.

MotionElements - ロイヤリティフリー 動画素材マーケット、音楽、アフターエフェクト テンプレート


It’s not strictly a photo submission site, but a shop site.
You can also post photos here and sell them.

In addition to many Japanese users,
there are also a fair number of users from other countries.


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